A sporty lifestyle portal “Fitspotgym.lv” general conditions of use

General information 
(1) Registering for a sporty lifestyle portal Fitspotgym.lv user agrees to these below described general terms of use (hereinafter - the Rules) and undertake to comply with the Rules.
(2) A sporty lifestyle portal Fitspotgym.lv makers own the rights at any time to change the Rules. On changes to the Rules and their entry into force, Fitspotgym.lv is informing users by sending the information via the internal mail and/or on the user's specified e-mail address. If Rules changes entered into force, and the user has not deleted his profile in a sporty lifestyle portal Fitspotgym.lv, then by default, it is considered that the user has consented to the changes of the Terms.
(3) The actual Rules for the user are available and displayed under the link "Terms of use".

Service description
(1) After the payment customer is given an access to his personal cabinet(account) where the customer will be able to use Fitspot platform options (to compile workout, draw up nutrition, to draw up the sports nutrition, etc.), as well as to purchase additional services (coaching services, training services, nutritional services, etc.). The customer will be provided with an access to the functions of the platform, which the customer will choose and pay for.

Sign up 
(1) The user profile sign up in a sporty lifestyle portal Fitspotgym.lv is free.
(2) Fitspotgym.lv determines the auxiliary functions, the use of which is a paid service.

User responsibilities
On the above point violation and/or infringement the User's profile may be deleted without warning.

(1) If any of the users notice that the Rules are not considered, then the user is obliged to immediately report the infringement to the portal Fitspotgym.lv.
(2) When signing up, the user must select and enter his password. The user must keep the password confidential and cannot disclose it to other persons. A sporty lifestyle portal Fitspotgym.lv user's password shall not be transferred to third parties and the sporty lifestyle portal Fitspotgym.lv will never require a user to disclose his password. When setting password, you have to choose a sufficiently secure one. User is responsible for the security level of password by himself. 
(3) If the user in portal Fitspotgym.lv discovers software or webpage error, then the user must immediately inform the sporty lifestyle portal Fitspotgym.lv and the user should not use this bug to get a benefit himself.

These points relate mainly to protect the users.

 Fitspotgym.lv rights and obligations 
(1) The sporty lifestyle portal Fitspotgym.lv provides the work of a portal.
(2) A sporty lifestyle portal fitspotgym.lv has the right, without cause references, to stop the portal fitspotgym.lv activity.
(3) If the software or due to the other failures to a sporty lifestyle portal fitspotgym.lv the saved data disappear, then the user has the right to request data restoration. The amount of data, or in what quantity is will be restored, is fitspotgym.lv free choice.
(4) For non-compliance the Rules in the portal fitspotgym.lv has the right, without prior notice, to delete any user profile or to restrict the user's activities. In this case, the user does not and cannot arise in the claim against the portal fitspotgym.lv for payments made on the portal fitspotgym.lv charge services.

Data protection
(1) The portal fitspotgym.lv is created, maintained and data is processed by "FitSpot Group" Ltd. Each of the action at sporty lifestyle portal fitspotgym.lv is recorded and in the minutes data is saved for an unlimited time. Portal fitspotgym.lv pays special attention to the protection of the data relating to the user personal information. Below is a collection of data that are recorded during Your stay on the portal fitspotgym.lv:
• Uploaded data names;
• IP-address;
• Web-browser;
• General portal fitspotgym.lv usage statistics.

(1) All intellectual property rights in respect of a sporty lifestyle portal fitspotgym.lv belongs to and only to sporty lifestyle portal fitspotgym.lv. This infringement of the rights of the guilty person is called to the statutory responsibility and is fully responsible for all the damages have been caused to a sporty lifestyle portal fitspotgym.lv.
(2) All disputes in respect of these regulations arising between the sporty lifestyle portal fitspotgym.lv and sporty lifestyle portal fitspotgym.lv users are settled by mutual negotiations. If the disputes in such a way to solve fail, they will be solved according to legislation of Latvian Republic.